President Williams: Thank you, UAW members, for your election work

Thank You!

I want to thank all the members of the UAW who took the time to go vote last week.

Our union has faced many challenges over the past several years and we will face many more in the future and voting is the surest way to change the environment in our states and nation. The stark fact that so many others stayed home and did not vote is a reflection that too many Americans are being left out of an economy that promotes the success of a few, while leaving the rest of us behind.

While the Republicans now have gained control of the U.S. Senate and House they also have gained responsibility for representing all Americans, not just the wealthiest among us, but also those who spoke through their silence last Tuesday. If not, they misread the Election returns and will pay a price in 2016 as the loudest voice this election was the silence of many frustrated voters who stayed home.

For those of you who volunteered, did GOTV, knocked on doors, dropped leaflets and did tireless work a special thank you and please don’t be discouraged. For every valley there is a mountaintop. See you there in 2016!