President Dennis Williams responds to BCBSM/BCN retiree health care changes


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“The UAW has been informed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan that it has made a decision to unilaterally change the post-retirement health care provisions of UAW members retired from BCBSM/BCN. The company offered no discussion with the UAW prior to making this decision and notifying UAW member retirees.”

“The UAW International Union is outraged by the actions of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and we are exploring our legal, contractual and other options on behalf of our retired BCBSM/BCN members.”

“We find it particularly outrageous that BCBSM/BCN is impacting the fixed incomes of retirees during a year in which Blue Cross Blue Shield CEO Dan Loepp was compensated $9 million.”

President Williams also stated, “In light of the attack Blue Cross Blue Shield has made on their retired employees, who have given a lifetime of loyal service and who are the most negatively impacted by additional financial burdens, it may be time to reevaluate our longstanding relationship with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.”

(Photo credit: A Healthier Michigan used under CC BY-SA 2.0)

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