President Biden Shouts Out UAW on International Visit


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President Biden delivered these remarks today after touring Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus in South Korea.   It’s a remarkable testament to hear the leader of the free world acknowledging the role of organized labor on an international visit.  His full remarks can be read here:

From President Biden – 

I urge Samsung and Stellantis and any company investing in the United States to enter into partnerships with our most highly skilled and dedicated and engaged workers you can find anywhere in the world: American union members.

Stellantis knows how much benefit comes from a successful relationship with a union in America.  They have a national agreement with my friend Ray Curry and the United Auto Workers.

For every joint venture that manufactures electric vehicle batteries would be made stronger by collective bargaining relationships with America unions.

We also have outstanding, skilled, dedicated union building and construction trades workers ready to build the new Samsung facility in Texas.

So, let’s work together to make this happen and to get that plant built on time and on budget safely and efficiently.  Because union labor means high-quality work that delivers the best possible return on investment.

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