Our Fight for Detroit Kids – Day of Action


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Citywide School Walk Ins

“Invest in Our Neighborhood Public Schools”

Join with teachers, school employees, parents, students and community members for a rally and “walk in” outside your school to focus attention on the importance of investing in public schools.
Simply pick a spot nearby your school, walk to the school together and hold a brief rally in front of the school 30- 45 minutes before the start of the school day (or another agreed upon time).


Interfaith Candlelight Vigil & Unity Rally

“Light Up the City for Public Education”

Enough is enough! Our community deserves better. Our students deserve good schools and educators deserve
Come to an Interfaith Candlelight Vigil & Unity Rally in support of our neighborhood public schools.

time 5 p.m. | location Cass Park (between Cass
Technical High School and the Masonic Temple)

www.dft231.mi.aft.org         |        www.detroitchildren.org

DETROIT FEDERATION OF TEACHERS | 7700 Second Ave., Suite 427 • Detroit, MI 48202 • (313) 875-3500

En Español


¡Ya Basta!


Acompáñanos a una Vigilia de Velas y una Marchade Unidad para apoyar la lucha de nuestros estudiantes,sus escuelas, y sus maestros y personal.


Martes, 9 de Febrero a las 5 p.m.


Cass Park(Entre Cass Technical High School y Masonic Temple)

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