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The UAW offers many ways to engage our members and the public with information, news, and even some entertainment. The UAW’s YouTube channel is one such social media platform along with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to do this. 

If you want to select the UAW Legacy playlist, you can see videos and films about the history of the UAW.  Or perhaps you want the latest news from the UAW, then there’s a section for that, too.

There’s a wealth of information here where you can learn about all the unique jobs that our members do in our We Are the UAW series on YouTube.  Just reading the headlines will have you thinking, “UAW members do that?!”

There’s commercials; film features about events, people, political action, community involvement; videos about our organizing campaigns; sections for bargaining, conferences, and conventions. 

There’s much to learn at the UAW and we’re happy that YouTube is one of the avenues that we can provide service. 

Please visit and subscribe to our UAW YouTube channel at

And if you’d like more videos, discover the member interviews our PRO-member department creates on our UAW Facebook page!