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Vice President Rich Boyer, director of the UAW-Stellantis department, is providing bargaining updates on Facebook to members. To see all the updates, go to the UAW-Stellantis bargaining Facebook group here. We are also linking to the posts here at the UAW-Stellantis webpage. Stay tuned for more updates.


Update from Vice President Boyer:

The Union’s position is “No Concessions.” As we have been reviewing the company’s proposals, it is apparent that they were drafted in an attempt to negatively respond to each of the Union’s demands, after the fact. The proposals presented by the company are nothing more than concessionary and viewed as a way to stagnate the agreement to further corporate greed. We are not interested in job reductions, roll-back of any rights, or any monetary losses for our members in these talks.

Stellantis’s Chief Operating Officer of North America operations, Mark Stewart, made clear in his remarks during the official kick-off of the 2023 National Negotiations that the company is not seeking a concessionary agreement. Yet, in our subcommittees, we are being bombarded with company demands for less rights and benefits than our members currently have. Make no mistake, such demands are clearly concessionary, and unnecessary for Stellantis to stay competitive. If Stellantis truly views its employees as family, we should be able to agree not to diminish their rights and benefits in these negotiations.

The company has long prospered many years off the backbones of the hardworking men and women of the UAW, all while making billions in record profits. Since the bankruptcy, members have made sacrifices in the form of lost wages and benefits in doing their part to sustain the company’s viability, only to be left behind!

The Union is committed to seeking solutions in securing a brighter future, but not at the expense of its members! The company must recognize that its number one asset is its “employees” and now it’s time for the company to provide its employees with what they deserve.

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