NLRB finds merit to charges filed against Tesla, issues complaint and sets trial date for June 11


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Complaint supports workers’ charges that Tesla’s harassment, intimidation and biased terminations violated their rights

Oakland, CA – The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has handed down a complaint against Tesla, finding merit to a series of charges that were filed against the company over the past several months. Charges range from terminating employees in retaliation for engaging in union and/or protected activities to unlawful interrogations of union supporters and more. A full copy of the complaint is attached here.

In part, the complaint reads:

“By the conduct described above in paragraphs 7 and 8(b) through 8(e), Respondent has been interfering with, restraining and coercing employees in the exercise of their rights guaranteed in Section 7 of the Act in violation of Sections 8(a)(1) of the Act.


“By the conduct described above in paragraphs 8(b)(iii), 8(c), 8(d), and 8(f), Respondent has been discriminating in regard to the hire or tenure or terms or conditions of employment of its employees, thereby discouraging membership in a labor organization in violation of Section 8(a)(1) and (3) of the Act.” 

“I’m pleased that the NLRB has found merit to these charges and is taking Tesla to trial on my termination,” said Richard Ortiz, a former Production Associate and union supporter who was fired late last year. “I know in my heart that what they did was wrong, and I look forward to our day in court. The truth is on my side. I have done absolutely nothing wrong. I had an excellent work record, and the only thing I did was try to improve the lives of my coworkers.”

“When I wrote my Medium post last year, I knew that speaking up would make me a target,” said Jose Moran, a Tesla Production Associate. “And sure enough, I was singled out and interrogated. I want to thank the NLRB for hearing us and for issuing this complaint. My co-workers and I will continue to speak up, and continue to work to make Tesla a better and safer company. Today’s action makes clear that we have rights, that we can keep talking about what we’re seeing and experiencing at Tesla.”

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(Photo By Steve Jurvetson (Flickr: Blue Belles) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

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