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Statement by UAW President Ray Curry Calling on Congress To Pass a Comprehensive Infrastructure Bill

“UAW members understand firsthand that infrastructure in the United States desperately needs to be modernized. Every day UAW members make products that are impacted by the current state of our roads, bridges, internet capability, and electrical grid reliability. In addition, Congress must make major investments to ensure Electric Vehicles and the Batteries that Electric Vehicles rely on are made by workers who have good union jobs in the United States. We are falling far behind China and other foreign competitors in the race to build the vehicles of the future. Congress needs to pass the Stabenow Amendment that will ensure ... Read more

Referendum Election

Please click here for a letter regarding the Referendum Election and actions that all local unions and all local union members must take no later than July 28, 2021.

Statement by UAW Vice President Chuck Browning On the Death of UAW Member at Dearborn Works Steel Plant

“With heavy hearts, UAW members woke up this morning to learn that one of our members passed away last night due to a fatal accident that occurred in the Cleveland Cliffs Dearborn Works facility in Dearborn, MI. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of our UAW Brother and his co-workers during this difficult time.”

UAW Volvo Mack Truck Members in Dublin Virginia Vote, Overall & Hourly Agreements Ratify, Salary Contract Voted Down; Strike Will End

Dublin, Virginia – UAW Local 2069 members ratified the common overall agreement and hourly agreement at Volvo Mack Truck Wednesday and the strike will be suspended. The salaried contract was voted down narrowly. Members will return to work on their Sunday and Monday shifts. “The democratic process played out at Volvo Trucks. UAW Members stood together through their strike and now the overall agreement and hourly agreement have been ratified despite the company’s actions earlier in the week,” said Ray Curry, President of the UAW and Director of the Heavy Truck Department. Curry said the UAW Constitution provides for an established process ... Read more

Michigan Legislative Update: VOTING SUPPRESSION disguised as VOTER SECURITY, Flint Water Crisis and more

Welcome to the new Michigan Legislative Update Newsletter brought to you by Michigan UAW-CAP. The Community Action Program (CAP) of the UAW is the union’s non-partisan political arm. CAP educates members, both active and retired, on political issues that affect them and their families. Learn more about UAW-CAP, here. Voting suppression disguised as voter security After historic voter turnout in the 2020 Presidential election, which saw extremely high numbers of absentee voting and first-time voters becoming registered to vote, there was much disinformation spread concerning the presence of voter fraud. Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said, “We haven’t found ... Read more

UAW Statement on Volvo Truck Strike Vote

Striking Volvo Truck workers voted down a tentative agreement Friday, July 9, 2021. The strike will continue. The elected UAW Local 2069 Bargaining Committee will continue to work to negotiate a fair contract that reflects the value of this hardworking membership. We appreciate the solidarity and support of the community as we continue to walk the picket line and work to negotiate a fair contract for UAW Local 2069 members.

Joint Statement From UAW President Ray Curry and UAW Vice President Terry Dittes Director of the UAW General Motors Department on USTR Progress Towards Addressing Rights Abuses at GM Silao

“For decades, Mexican workers’ voices have been suppressed by a dysfunctional and corrupt labor law system. In too many cases, employers have coordinated with anti-democratic unions to create “protection” contracts that impose draconian wages and labor conditions on workers. These practices have depressed Mexican workers’ wages, benefits, and working conditions. Mexican autoworkers earn a fraction of what U.S. autoworkers earn, creating a perverse incentive for U.S. companies to invest in Mexico. The UAW believes this needs to change and continues to firmly believe that companies should produce the vehicles in the markets they predominantly serve. This isn’t just sound economics ... Read more

The 2020 UAW LUCA Excellence in Communications Contests results are in!

Last week the 2020 UAW LUCA Excellence in Communications Contests Awards Show took place. The list of winners and judges’ comments are available here. Founded in 1978, UAW-LUCA helps UAW local unions produce top-quality, effective communications. UAW-LUCA provides information, training and communications materials for the union’s locals across the U.S., as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico, through a members-only cloud sharing, called the LUCA Cloud where materials can be downloaded and posted. Member locals can also get free training and assistance in setting up a free website through the UAW’s SolidWeb program. Through LUCA, members can share information about issues ... Read more

Celebrate America, Buy American

Whether you’re hosting the 4th of July cookout, or just bringing a bag of chips, be sure your supplies are union-made! Check out the video below for a list of union-made products to kick off the holiday celebration:  

Striking Volvo Truck Workers in Dublin Virginia Reach a Tentative Agreement With Major Gains; Strike To Continue Through the Ratification Vote

The UAW announced this evening that the elected bargaining team at Volvo Truck has reached a tentative agreement. UAW Local 2069 members will remain on the picket line until there is a ratification vote on the negotiated agreement. “UAW members and their families felt strongly about the need for financial stability gains in this contract and were willing to strike not once, but twice, to achieve those gains. The elected bargaining team of the UAW Volvo Truck Council worked very hard to achieve these significant gains and they could not have achieved them without the solidarity of Local 2069 members.,” ... Read more