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Statement from UAW President Ray Curry on House passage of Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Today’s historic vote in the House of Representatives comes on the heels of the Senate’s passage last Sunday. The UAW commends President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for their leadership and perseverance throughout this lengthy process as it could not have happened without them. We are thankful to all members of Congress who voted in favor of this historic legislation. Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is, in no small part, the result of years of hard work and persistence by our members in both Washington, D.C. and their home districts. Any union ... Read more

UAW President Ray Curry Statement on signing of CHIPS and Science Act of 2022

On August 9th, I had the honor of attending the White House signing ceremony for the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022. The new law signed by President Biden invests $52 billion to bolster U.S. semiconductor production with two billion being prioritized for vehicle, defense, and parts manufacturing. It also puts us in a position to ensure we have the resources needed to advance scientific research which are essential to creating the jobs of the future in the United States and improving our quality of life. Semiconductors are a critical component of products that run on electricity. The UAW began ... Read more

Release of Korean Trade Unionist Follows UAW Demands

Delegates to the UAW’s 38th Constitutional Convention sent messages of solidarity on postcards addressed to the prison in Seoul where Youn was being held. Members of the Korean Metal Workers’ Union who attended the UAW Convention as international guests brought the postcards back with them to South Korea upon their return home. The UAW celebrates the release of Youn Taeg-gun, First Vice-President of South Korea’s largest trade union confederation, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU). On August 5, 2022, the Seoul Central Municipal Court ruled that there was no legal justification to continue to hold Brother Youn. He was ... Read more

UAW Statement in Support of Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is an important bill for our country and working families. It makes critical investments in U.S manufacturing to help ensure new vehicles and emerging technologies and are built in America for decades to come, lowers the costs of life-saving drugs and health care insurance, tackles climate change in a meaningful way, and reduces the deficit. The Inflation Reduction Act puts the interests of working families and retirees before the ultra-wealthy and Wall Street. It is paid for entirely by giving IRS tools to go after wealthy tax cheats and ending outrageous tax loopholes that ... Read more

UAW Commends Stellantis Investment in UAW Facilities

Detroit – Today Stellantis announced a $99 million investment which includes $83 million for Dundee Engine Plant (UAW Local 723) and $14 million for Kokomo Castings (UAW Locals 1166 and 1302). “We commend the announcement from Stellantis to invest in UAW facilities,” says UAW President Ray Curry. “When companies invest in UAW facilities, they are recognizing that UAW members add value to the company’s success.” “This morning’s announcement from Stellantis to invest in Dundee Engine Local 723 and Kokomo Casting Locals 1166 and 1302 is great news for our members,” says UAW Vice President and Director of the Stellantis Department ... Read more


Todd Dunn, President UAW Local 862:  It is my great honor to present this Resolution before the delegates to the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention. Ron Gettelfinger has served our union with honor and integrity through many years of exemplary service. Ron Gettelfinger has inspired and uplifted us all by his gentle spirit, unwavering encouragement and steadfast perseverance. Throughout his distinguished career, he has remained keenly focused on the well-being of our members and the stability of our union. Therefore, we are proud and honored to bestow upon him, the title of “President Emeritus” of the UAW.


Bernie Ricke, President UAW Local 600:  I am proud and honored to stand before the delegates of the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention and present this resolution.  We, the delegates of the 38th Constitutional Convention wish to extend our greatest appreciation to Rory Gamble for his inspiration and leadership to the members of the UAW. Rory Gamble has served our union with grace, resolve and determination through many years of commendable service. Rory Gamble has set an example as a trailblazer, a courageous leader and unbendable social activist. Throughout his long and historic career, Rory Gamble has remained fiercely committed to ... Read more

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Hello UAW family, We have just concluded the historic 38th UAW Constitutional Convention.  It was a convention like no other and for good reason:  it was our first convention after the uncovering of the criminal activities of former leaders who betrayed all of us.  Delegates at the 38th were focused on the job at hand and making sure that our union is on the right track going forward. The delegate body was very active with debate and motions.  One of the motions made on Wednesday (which passed) was to defer video presentations and speeches so the delegate body could focus ... Read more

Day Four of the Historic 38th UAW Constitutional Convention

On the final day of the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention, delegates voted to reconsider a motion from Day Three that increased UAW strike pay from $400 to $500 per week then subsequently voted to keep strike pay at $400 per week. Previous delegate action made strike pay available on the first day of the strike. “Democracy is a powerful force in our union, and the delegate body has reconsidered its decision of Wednesday,” said UAW President Ray Curry. “Make no mistake – our union remains committed to the right to strike and hold companies accountable as shown by prior increases put ... Read more