New Documentary Highlights UAW-Ford Ventilator Production


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When Coronavirus struck in the United States, Ford and the UAW stepped up to help ensure that hospitals around the country had the supplies they needed to deal with the influx of patients. A new documentary by Friday Night Lights director Peter Berg shows how the union and the company came together to save American lives.

The short film gives an inside look at how the project came together and those involved in the difficult decision to bring back UAW volunteers to the plant. UAW President Rory Gamble said of the effort, “We set a common goal and left our differences behind.” Ford CEO Jim Hackett praised Gamble’s leadership saying, “He flawlessly rose to the occasion. He saved a bunch of people’s lives and deserves a ton of credit.”

But the film doesn’t just highlight the decision-makers, there are also interviews with the UAW men and women hard at work in the plants. “We did it during World War II, the UAW members stepped up and that’s exactly what we’re doing now,” said third-generation UAW member Curtis Frizzell on his decision to return to work.

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