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Hello UAW family,

We have just concluded the historic 38th UAW Constitutional Convention.  It was a convention like no other and for good reason:  it was our first convention after the uncovering of the criminal activities of former leaders who betrayed all of us.  Delegates at the 38th were focused on the job at hand and making sure that our union is on the right track going forward.

The delegate body was very active with debate and motions.  One of the motions made on Wednesday (which passed) was to defer video presentations and speeches so the delegate body could focus on the business of the convention.  As a result, a number of planned presentations – including my state of the union address – was deferred.

I will still be reporting on the state of our union and the amazing things we have gotten done in the past year at an appropriate time.  It is important to reflect on the positive business of our union, but we should also recognize that the convening of our delegate body at the Constitutional Convention is a vital time to address the business of our union.

I will say this:  the state of our union is strong.  UAW democracy is strong.  Our posture entering bargaining is strong.  And we are well situated to rebuild trust with membership and the public after a very dark period of our union.

In Solidarity.

Ray Curry, UAW President

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