Power of Collective Barganing

Here you will find short videos and stories as told by members about how the collective bargaining and grievance procedure made a difference in their lives. Not all stories end in great victory – sometimes the gains are modest or the members do not prevail. But each story teaches us about using the power of collective bargaining to take on tough challenges at work. Each video and story can be shared on Facebook or downloaded.


The facts about temps are astounding. Many UAW members address the issues at bargaining by both creating a path to make temps regular and limit management’s abuse...

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of temps, but with nonunion plants and staffing agencies, the story is much, much direr.


A 5-year arbitration saga to uphold the contract = $11.4 million back pay award. More members becoming active in the union = Priceless

Don Mohn Jr. (Region 2B, Local 1050)


This self-proclaimed stats geek and math teacher knew that things didn't add up when workers don't have a voice. So she formed a union with her co-workers at UConn.

Danielle Bousquet (Region 9A, Local 6950)


If Thomas had to fight alone for his retirement after the company went bankrupt, he would have been left with next to nothing. But he wasn’t alone and now his life is very different.

Thomas Bryson (Region 1D, Local 699)


Mervin worked the extra hours but his check was short. His union steward had his back when it came time for management to pay up and Mervin realized his first line of defense at the workplace is his union.‪

Mervin White (Region 1, Local 1700)


There’s not enough work, so Dan and his co-workers are laid off. But an investigation shows there’s enough work, it’s just being done in Mexico. That’s not the end of the story because they’re union.

Dan Stephens (Region 8, Local 5285)


Wow. When even the nicest person won’t do the right thing as a boss, you need the protection of a contract.

Michelle Kimball (Region 1D, Local 1950)


The contract was clear, but management tried to violate it anyway. Jeff was a steward, and he was having none of it. “That contractual language has to be honored.” ‪‬‬

Jeff Christiansen (Region 8, Local 5287)

If you need proof that unions make a difference, read this story. It shows that having a union means you work with a contract and a grievance procedure...

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which are HUGE wins for members. Working without a contract means the company can change your work rules as it sees fit.

(Region 2B, Local 1050)


Who does Rodrick thank for waking his union activism? It was a my-way-or-the-highway manager who taught Rodrick what was possible when he and his co-workers stuck together.

Rodrick Smith (Region 8, Local 1617)


33 years ago, Ford told him he wasn’t going to stick around. But the grievance his union filed said otherwise.  

Victor White (Region 1A, Local 36)


Local 338 members learn that the credible threat of a strike can be a powerful way to move management in negotiations.

Terry Garvin (Region 9, Local 338)


Brian’s life changed with the premature birth of his twins. His story about how his union made all the difference in his time of crisis will remind you why we’re stronger together.

Brian Dempsey (Region 8, Local 1821)


When he heard he was getting laid off, he figured this was déjà vu. But this time, Marc was in a union.  

Marc View (Region 1A, Local 600)


One of Denise’s members was about to be laid off. But their contract said otherwise.  

Denise Megiel-Rollo (Region 8, Local 2278)


Leslie finds gold at the end of a tough bargaining session.

Leslie Hitchcock (Region 9, Local 1326)


Being able to come home in the same shape you were in when you went to work. That’s the union difference for Barbara.  

Barbara Harvey (Region 1, Local 1248)


Work can be stressful. Life can be stressful. EAP can help make the difference. Kendra is a UAW member who tries to help other members every day as an EAP rep.

Kendra Thorington (Region 1, Local 1700)

Twelve people gain employment because Melissa believes in having a voice in the workplace.

Melissa Keysor (Region 1, Local 5960)

Doug and Sue are solid as a rock and committed to worker rights.

Doug and Sue Williamson (Region 9, Local 1069)