Making a Difference in Our Communities


Jank wanted to know how Silverados are made. Two UAW brothers got the chance to make Jank an autoworker for a day. It’s an open question who got more out of that meeting.

(Region 2B, Local 2209)


A kid with cancer’s wish was to meet the people who make John Deere tractors. What happened when he meets them will bring a tear to your eye.

Lucas DeSpain (Region 4, Local 865)


A hot meal can give you the energy to keep going when all else feels hopeless. UAW local 2031 put that idea into action with a local charity, Daily Bread, where the UAW members…

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both collect food and funds for their pantry, but also work serving meals. (Region 1D, Local 2031)


“The bonds of military duty and union membership make the holidays memorable for UAW Local 1435.

Jay Tayler (Region 2B, Local 1435)


When Carl Greenwood, president of Local 685 in Kokomo, Indiana, was first approached about building a house in a week and a half for the Habitat for Humanity Veteran Build, he thought they had lost their minds.

Carl Greenwood (Region 2B, Local 685)


UAW and VFW give kids a day to remember.

(Region 1D)


UAW members like a challenge, and these Stellantis locals really delivered this Thanksgiving.

‪(Region 1A, Local 372)

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