More Members Stand Up in Our Strike Against GM


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Sept. 23, 2023 – Our national negotiators told GM they had to make substantial progress at the table by noon Friday or we would expand our Stand Up Strike. Unfortunately, the company kept moving slowly, so yesterday we called on members at the company’s 18 parts distribution facilities across the country to Stand Up and join our Local 2250 members on strike at Wentzville Assembly in Missouri.

Even though we had to make this move, our Wentzville strikers have helped us take a critical step forward:

  • We have won a serious victory at CCA and GMCH and have killed those two wage tiers. Those workers will now be on the same wage scale as assembly workers.

That is progress we can all be proud of. But as the charts below show, we still have a long way to go. The charts detail the status of negotiations at all three companies. As you’ll see, our Stand Up Strike is moving Ford, and that is why we have not expanded our strike there. However, Stellantis, like GM, is refusing to make significant progress and so the Stand Up Strike there has expanded to its 20 parts facilities. Our strategy is applying pressure where it is most needed.

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