Local 6000 State Employees Seek to Bridge the Gap


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Lansing, Mich–Michigan officials kicked off contract bargaining this afternoon for more than 17,000 state employees.

“Our goal is for Michigan to prosper and for UAW members to share in the value of the hard work it takes to keep our state running efficiently and with the creative innovation that UAW members give taxpayers day in and day out,” said Ed Mitchell, president of the largest state employee union in Michigan.

“We view ourselves as good stewards of the taxpayer money and we work hard to make sure that the work we do delivers quality services to the people of Michigan,” said Mitchell. The State of Michigan last negotiated contracts in 2013. The current contract expires Dec. 31, 2015.

“When we shake hands today, we must recognize the sacrifices these stateworkers have made in recent years, and bargain a contract that will provide stable public services for UAW members, taxpayers and those who truly rely on all of us,” said UAW President Dennis Williams. “The decisions we make will impact families and communities across Michigan and set the tone for our state’s middle class economy for years to come. These stakes are high.”

UAW Local 6000 represents approximately 17,000 members in 1,100 worksites throughout the state of Michigan and includes UAW members in every department in State of Michigan government. Members include nurses, teachers, doctors, probation officers, social workers and secretaries, teachers, among others.

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