Local 1853 members reel in service to their local community’s children


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Sometimes something as basic as going fishing can remind a child that they matter. Members of UAW Local 1853 and Region 8 partnered with the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency at the Tennessee Children’s Home Spring Hill Campus recently to drive that point home. Local 1853 members spent time planning for the event then took a couple hundred of the home’s residents fishing for the Spring Hill Area Take Kids Fishing Day, which included a day of help fishing, time-worn tips on how to catch that elusive big fish and new fishing poles. UAW Local 1853 President Tim Stannard said the event shows the true spirit of UAW membership. “A lot of people don’t know much about unions or have heard bad stuff about them,” he said. “This shows that union members are normal, next-door neighbors who work together to provide living wages and benefits for our families — and we also care about getting kids out in nature, away from the video games.”

Photo: Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

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