Legal Services Workers Deserve Fair Wages Too


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Collective bargaining rights should be common among all workers, and CAMBA legal services workers in New York who seek to join the UAW share a common goal of fair wages. If an agreement is reached and the new bargaining unit is recognized, staff attorneys and law graduates will bargain for fair wages and pay parity among other requests. The attorneys at CAMBA primarily represent indigent clients, many who are facing eviction, foreclosure, immigration issues, and consumer fraud in Brooklyn and Staten Island. They seek not only adequate compensation, but also pay parity among the attorneys who represent large corporations and landlords, who CAMBA commonly brings lawsuits against.

In addition to the unfair wages CAMBA attorneys receive, the high cost of law school tuition leaves many law graduates and attorneys in debt and unable to keep up. They seek better pay and training to improve the quality of work they can provide for their clients. It’s important that legal services workers are adequately compensated so they can provide quality work for their clients and pay off debt in a reasonable timeframe.

According to union organizer, Alexi Shalom, “The CAMBA attorneys’ concerns include fair compensation, increased training and workforce development, and a higher standard of representation for clients.” Legal services workers deserve fair wages — with union representation, that can be achieved.

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