Lansing Van-Rob workers vote to join the UAW

LANSING – Workers at the Kirchhoff Group/Van-Rob plant in Lansing, Michigan, voted to join the UAW Thursday by a vote of 60 to 43.

Van-Rob makes welded metal assemblies for General Motors’ Lansing Grand River plant, including cross-car beams and rocker panels for the Camaro.

“Winning the election was just the first step. I’m proud of how my co-workers stood together, and I know we’ll stay united until we negotiate a fair contract that makes real changes and puts them in writing,” said Alejandro Albarez, a production worker at the plant.

There were 107 workers eligible to vote and roughly 40 temporary workers who also work at the plant.

“We are proud to welcome the women and men of Lansing Van-Rob into our UAW region and family,” said Gerald Kariem, director of UAW Region 1D. “These new members of the UAW are a hard-working and dedicated workforce.”

“We work extremely hard at our plant, often six or seven days a week. We want all that hard work and dedication to mean something. That’s why my co-workers and I came together and formed our union,” said Jeremy Carter, a maintenance worker at Van-Rob.

The UAW represents one other Kirchhoff Group/Van-Rob plant in Tecumseh, Michigan.

The Van-Rob bargaining unit looks forward to their first contract. “I got involved with the effort to organize with the UAW because I want to have prosperity for all my brothers and sisters and a future for our families,” said Sean Clemens, a production worker. “Today, we took a big step toward that goal.”




Image credit: Google Maps