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Government matters.

Voting matters.

Who you vote for matters.

For UAW members, government policies impact the health and safety rules in the workplace; the right to organize; the right to a fair collective bargaining process; and even the impact on our health care and retirement.

In a time of very deep political divide and social unrest, knowing our core values, knowing who we are, and knowing what the UAW is about could not be more important than it is today.

Legislatively, conservatives, benefiting from gerrymandered statehouse seats, have now passed right-to-work legislation designed to undermine collective bargaining in many states like Michigan and have attempted to limit what state employees can even discuss at the bargaining table.

Socially, many of the quality-of-life issues our family-first UAW has fought for are increasingly under attack. Wages are under attack through poor trade agreements, and nonunion manufacturers abusing temporary workers creating a perma-temp culture. Health and safety in the workplace is under attack as new rules allow companies to discard key health and safety history records making it nearly impossible to track the policies that can lead to injuries on the job or death.

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