Labor Day March in Detroit shows worker Solidarity


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Workers from throughout Michigan gathered in Detroit for the annual Labor Day March hosted by the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO, walking together through the parade route downtown showing the strength of worker solidarity on a beautiful, sunny morning.

UAW members, their families and their allies joined the march in a celebration of this year’s parade theme “Labor and Community Moving Forward!” that includes worker unity, the right to have a voice and fair treatment on the job, and to protest attacks on workers’ rights by anti-union lawmakers and other opponents.

Colorful union banners, marching bands, singing and signs of union support filled the lively parade route of union members who came to Detroit from a variety of industries and professions, from auto and clerical workers to actors and writers. The parade started on Michigan Avenue in Southwest Detroit and wound through downtown streets before finishing near the Detroit River at Hart Plaza with cheers of solidarity at the Labor Monument honoring union members and activists.

UAW President Gary Jones said today is a celebration of workers who fight for rights in the workplace.

“Labor Day honors those who fought before us to end child labor, and to establish fair wages, safe workplaces, Social Security, unemployment insurance and civil rights,” said Jones. “Their sacrifices created the middle class. Today, that fight continues against those who want to take away what workers deserve through legislation that prevents union organizing, and cuts Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and health care for hard-working American families.”

It takes strong unions to stand up in solidarity to corporations and anti-union politicians intent on taking away working families’ dignity and livelihoods. The Labor Day March honors what workers have achieved together, joined in solidarity to make communities better, and to face today’s challenges to fair wages and benefits, safer workplaces and the right of all workers to form a union.


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