Important Progress at the Table, but Deal Not Done Yet


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Sept. 23, 2023 – Our UAW-Ford national negotiators have made important progress at the bargaining table, so for now our Stand Up Strike is not expanding against Ford. Our striking members at UAW Local 900 at the Michigan Assembly Plant are putting pressure on the company to move and they will continue holding the line.

Here are the historic gains we’ve made at the table so far:

  • Rawsonville Components and Sterling Axle employees will now be on the same wage scale as assembly workers. We have eliminated that entire wage tier.
  • Reinstated the COLA formula that was suspended in 2009.
  • We have also won, for the first time in our history, the right to strike over plant closures during the life of our agreement.
  • We’ve won additional job security for our members in the event of indefinite layoff. If laid off, our members, including temporary workers, will now receive income security for up to two years, with healthcare.
  • We’ve won an enhanced profit-sharing formula that would have resulted in a 13.3% increase for the average employee in payouts last year. And all temporary workers will have profit-sharing after 90 days service.
  • We have won the immediate conversion of all temporary employees with at least 90 days of employment upon ratification. And there are no concessions on the table.

These are historic gains, but we have further to go. To see what we’ve won and some of the areas where progress still needs to be made, look at the charts below. These charts show where we stand at all three automakers and why we have expanded our Stand Up Strike at GM and Stellantis.

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