How will TPT members be scheduled in the Tentative Agreement?

Temporary employees (formerly known as “temporary part-time” or TPT employees) supplement the workforce in narrow situations. These times are limited to when full-time seniority employees are temporarily absent due to unexcused absences, intermittent Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leaves/absences or sick leave of less than twelve (12) months. The Tentative Agreement makes clear that temporary employees – who are UAW members – are not hired to circumvent the hiring of full-time employees or local overtime scheduling provisions.

This new Tentative Agreement allows temporary employees to be scheduled any day of the week and not just Friday through Monday and holidays. The circumstances in which they are utilized remains the same as before (Red book pages 266-270). The new agreement also states that, with mutual agreement, temporary employees may be utilized on other limited occasions such as “product launch, high vacation periods, and awaiting transfer of laid off employees from other locations.” (Red book page 266). No such discussion has taken place or been initiated, and the guiding principle was and will remain the same: no circumvention of the hiring of full-time employees nor local overtime scheduling provisions.


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