How can a four-year contract confirm a path to traditional wages for an eight year period?

The bargaining team negotiated an eight-year wage progression that provides a clear path to traditional wages. It’s based on seniority, not based on contract years. It is common to have labor agreements with progressions longer than the term of the contract.

Anyone with four years or more of seniority will reach traditional wages by the end of this Tentative Agreement, if not sooner. Those with fewer than four years of seniority will receive substantial raises under this contract and will be at traditional wages with eight years of seniority.

A new contract will be negotiated in 2019, and under the law, we start bargaining from where we left off. No doubt, the membership will demand that the eight-year progression be maintained or even shortened in the next contract and the bargaining committee will fight to keep it there and even make improvements, if possible.

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