A Holiday Message from UAW President Rory Gamble


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Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

I want to take this very special time of the year on behalf of the President’s Office and the International Executive Board to recognize the hard work and dedication that you bring to your work, to your communities and to this great union of ours. This past year, we have truly seen the strength of our solidarity and I was reminded once again, as I watched my brothers and sisters on the picket lines and at the bargaining table fighting for one another and for the survival of America’s middle class, just what this union means to us and to this nation.

It is you, our members, that are the strength and the backbone of the UAW and that was never more evident than during this bargaining year. I am proud of what we achieved in negotiations this year. I am proud of my brothers and sisters who stood out on picket lines, who sat at the bargaining table and who got up and turned in their best day’s work — each and every day.

I am truly humbled to be serving as your president and I look forward to the great things we will achieve together in the coming year.

So, I simply want to say, ‘Thank you’ to all my brothers and sisters during this holiday season. I wish you a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.



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