Hillary Clinton: A fighter for equal pay for women


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When women thrive, America thrives.

Eliminating the gender pay gap, ensuring access to child care and elder care, securing reproductive rights and access to health care, keeping the workplace free from violence including sexual assault and harassment – effectively addressing these issues helps everyone in America, not just women.

“Too often, these are called women’s issues,” said Hillary Clinton. “Well, I am a proud lifelong fighter for women’s issues because I firmly believe what’s good for women is good for America.”

Unions help in the fight for improving women’s lives. Unions reduce the pay gap between men and women, a persistent problem especially for women of color. When union members negotiate a fair contract with management, the good wages they win apply to all workers, regardless of gender. The equal pay women receive for doing the same work as men under a collective bargaining agreement helps chip away at the country’s gender pay gap.

With the help of unions and worker-friendly politicians, the pay gap is steadily decreasing. But it still exists. Having a president who understands the economic challenges women face in the workplace is crucial to making equal pay for equal work a reality. But every president needs a Congress who will work with them on important priorities like ending the gender pay gap.That’s why it’s important to vote for candidates up and down the ballot that support workers.

At the top of the ticket, Hillary Clinton will make sure labor has a seat at her table as president. She’ll use her record of fighting for women and girls in America and throughout the world, and her own experience as a mother, a grandmother and a woman in public service, to continue to fight against the challenges women face in and out of the workplace.

She supports the Paycheck Fairness Act, which fights pay discrimination at work. She knows the importance of making quality, affordable child care and health care accessible for all through the Affordable Care Act. And she will work to make paid leave a reality for those who have a sick relative that needs care and for new parents with a baby.

Hillary Clinton will work to create an America where all Americans, including women, will live quality lives free of unfair obstacles to career opportunities, decent wages, healthy families, fair treatment on the job and respect and safety in the world at large.

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