Health & Safety Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration maintains a web site that allows you to search on the compliance history of a facility. It also contains a wealth of technical information on protecting workers' health, compliance with OSHA laws and chemical information.

OSHA Home Page

From here you are one click away from all the standards, a variety of technical links and a compliance search engine to research the OSHA inspections for specific facilities.

Facility Compliance[]

This is the link to the establishment search engine. Enter a name to find the OSHA compliance history for a single facility.

SIC Code Compliance []

If you have the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code for a facility you can search here for the compliance histories for other similar establishments.

Specific Topics of Compliance []

This is a list of specific topics compliance, technical and training information.

OSHA Standards []

This search engine allows you to search for the appropriate OSHA standard using key words or phrases.

Michigan State OSHA Regulations (LARA) [,4601,7-154-11407_15368---,00.html]

Access Michigan's regulations for health and safety here. These are the Federal OSHA standards renumbered and in some cases improved. If you have researched a Michigan company's OSHA compliance history on the federal OSHA web site, you may have obtained a list of rule numbers. You can look up those numbers from this site. example:"4081263501A" on the Federal OSHA compliance search is "Rule 408.12635(1)(A)Metal Band Saws" in the Michigan Rules.