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The UAW offers many ways to engage our members and the public with information, news, and even some entertainment. The UAW’s Instagram account is one such social media platform along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to do this.

Follow us: @uaw.union

Through Instagram, you can get a peek inside the UAW photo vaults and see historic photos throughout our 80 years as a union.  Many of these photos have never been seen by the public!  We try to choose visually appealing images or photos that can tell a story.

Instagram can give you insight into the various unique jobs that our members do that will leave you thinking, “UAW members do that!?”

Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on events throughout the country and sometimes go behind the scenes of life at the UAW.

With Instagram become one of the fastest growing social media platforms, we too, will be trying to grown with it by finding new ways to communicate with our membership and the public.

There’s much to learn at the UAW and we’re happy that Instagram is one of the avenues that we can provide service.

Please visit and follow our UAW Instagram account on your mobile device or visit us at www.instagram.com/uaw.union

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