As Grassroots Actions Intensify in Support of Strong Big 3 Contract, UAW President Fain Calls on Members to Organize Practice Pickets and Other Actions


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The campaign for a strong contract at the Big Three is taking off. UAW members and allies have started spontaneously organizing grassroots actions around the country and UAW President Shawn Fain is strongly encouraging them. Today, while in Louisville, Kentucky, to join two practice pickets, he sent an email to tens of thousands of union activists encouraging them to keep intensifying their grassroots organizing. Here is the text of the letter, along with materials he circulated to use in their actions:


UAW family,

I’m writing to you from Louisville, Kentucky, where I’m joining UAW Local 862 members at two practice pickets.

The Big Three have made massive profits for more than a decade. But while CEOs got rich, UAW members got left behind. Our message to the Big Three is simple: record profits mean record contracts.

Let’s show the companies we mean business by organizing actions across the country.

  • One of my favorites: the practice picket. For decades, unions across the country have used this tactic because it’s simple, fun and sends a clear message to the boss.
  • The Teamsters were the most recent union to use practice pickets to win a strong contract. Now it’s our turn.

Don’t know where to start? I’ve attached a story written by a rank-and-file Teamster explaining how they organized their own actions. I’ve also included a “Dos and Don’ts” guideline for practice pickets as well as PDFs so you can print your own signs.

Here are links where you can download PDFs of all those materials:

The companies know what our priorities are. If the Big Three refuse to give us the contract we deserve, then they’re the ones who are choosing to strike.

I’ve told the companies repeatedly that September 14 is a deadline, not a reference point. Let’s show them that we are united and ready to back up those words with collective action!

In solidarity,

Shawn Fain

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