Get the facts on the Lockout of Honeywell workers


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UAW members are not on strike.  Rather, the company refuses to let them work.  That is called a lockout.

UAW members want to go back to work and negotiate a contract that preserves good manufacturing jobs and guarantees Honeywell’s continued success.

Honeywell is doing well. 

  • Honeywell is profitable. The company made over $4.8 Billion in profits from over $38 Billion in sales in 2015.
  • CEO and Chairman David M. Cote received $25 million in salary, bonus and stock options in 2015.

Honeywell receives almost $4 billion a year in taxpayer funded government contracts.

These are highly skilled jobs, making important aviation components

  • Honeywell plants make airplane brakes & wheels for each of the major aviation companies including Boeing, Embraer, Airbus and Comac.
  • Honeywell plants provide brakes and wheels for the American military including the B-52, F15, F-18, B-2, F35

Honeywell before the lockout brought in inexperienced temporary scab workers to observe UAW members before locking them out and replacing them with an inexperienced workforce making aviation brakes and wheels.

These are good union manufacturing jobs.  This destructive lockout is hurting middle-class working families, main street South Bend and Green Island and Honeywell.

The UAW has repeatedly indicated they will negotiate collectively with Honeywell any time and at any place.  In fact, the union scheduled negotiations for mid-September. UAW members are committed to our jobs, our families and community, quality, productivity and the success of Honeywell.

BREAKING: United State Senators Shumer, Gillibrand and Donnelly send Honeywell CEO, David Cote letter demanding justice for Honeywell workers

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