Fuyao workers file for union election with National Labor Relations Board


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Workers are fighting for fair polices, equal treatment and workplace safety

MORAINE, Ohio — Citing a pattern of unsafe workplace conditions, arbitrary policies and unfair and unequal treatment on the job, employees at Fuyao Glass America Inc. today filed a request with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a representation election at the Ohio plant.

Fuyao employees, whose worries about workplace safety have led to complaints and fines against Fuyao by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), say they now are ready for a voice in their workplace and have filed to form their own union with legal and technical assistance from the UAW.

“It has been hard because we are all working so hard for the company,” said Fuyao worker Jeremy Grant, who works in Pre- Process ARG. “In return, we come to work facing constantly changing rules, communication barriers with our supervisors and no way to be heard about changes that will help us all win,” Grant said.

“When I heard about the tax breaks Fuyao received for opening this plant, I thought that would be great for the community, and I wanted to be part of that,” said Teodore Searcy, who works the third shift in the Tempering OEM Department. “Now my concern is that this company can’t help the community if it can’t help its workers and that jeopardizes me, my family and everyone who is depending on Fuyao to be a good citizen,” said Searcy.

Since late 2015, complaints about conditions at the plant have led workers to pursue forming their own union. They are fighting for continued improvements to health and safety; fair policies that apply equally to everyone; fair wages that recognize worker’s roles in the company’s success; and a reduction in the high turnover rate.

“It’s been like a revolving door here,” said Fuyao worker Roberto Martinez. “There is a very high turnover rate here. Folks are hired and then, poof, they’re gone. It happens over and over again. It can’t be good for the community and the economy when a company can’t retain a stable workforce,” said Martinez, who works in the company’s Tempering Assembly OEM Department.

“Fuyao employees have expressed over and over that they chose Fuyao because they wanted job security. Community leaders have told us that their hopes are for Fuyao to bring stability to the Dayton community,” said UAW Region 2B Director Rich Rankin. “We all want the company to be successful and want that measure to include quality, stable jobs so that everyone wins.”

More information about Fuyao workers and their fight for a fair workplace can be found at fuyaoforward.org.

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