Full Coverage of the Flint Water Crisis in latest Solidarity


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See full coverage of the Flint Water Crisis in the latest issue of Solidarity magazine now.

By now, you’ve heard about the Flint Water Crisis. If you haven’t, here’s a great timeline of events from the Detroit Free Press.

In Flint and throughout the nation, there has been justifiable outrage over the decisions made by state elected and appointed officials in the handling of the water crisis.

Because officials put cost savings ahead of the health of Flint residents, thousands have been poisoned, and several deaths are suspected due to extended and excessive exposure to contaminated toxic water. But, the full impact will not be known for decades, and the effects will plague the children of Flint for generations to come.

What you may not know is how UAW members like you are responding to this crisis in our own backyard. That’s why there is full coverage of the Flint Water Crisis and the way that UAW members have stepped up to the plate to help the citizens of Flint in this issue of Solidarity magazine.

In the cover story this issue, you can read about the great efforts UAW members have gone to in order to help the citizens of Flint. As UAW President Dennis Williams said, “The quick response of UAW members from all over to the Flint water crisis shows that solidarity is something our members take seriously, both as part of being a union member and as members of  the communities where they live and work. Flint residents needed emergency help. UAW members stepped up without question, collecting bottled water, distributing it in their own vehicles, collecting financial donations for Flint residents, going door-to-door to help. Whatever the need is, UAW members are there.”

Read the cover story now.

In an update from the UAW’s Legislative Department, they note that the only real solution to this problem will come from government intervention to fix the infrastructure, provide relief for families, and make sure that the drinking water in Flint is safe.

Read the legislative update now.

Stay tuned to uaw.org for continuing coverage of the Flint Water Crisis and much, much more.



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