Facts about
UAW Strength
in the South

We are and have been in the U.S. South

• Over
UAW Members

reside in communities throughout the South

• Over
UAW Retirees

in the South

• Over
% of all active UAW Members are
in the South

We are organizing in the South

• Over the past year FIVE new worksites organized
with the UAW adding over
in Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky.
• Almost
organized since the VW vote
in 2014.

Among many UAW Products made in the south:

• In Kentucky, UAW members don’t just make whiskey barrels, Corvettes, Fords and steel—they nurse patients back to health.

• In North Carolina, UAW members make heavy trucks through Daimler, Freightliner and Thomas Built Buses. In South Carolina, members make auto and truck parts.

• In Tennessee, UAW members build SUVs at GM in Spring Hill, make auto parts at Lear, and build machinery at Caterpillar and Archer Daniels/Midland. There are 24 UAW locals in Tennessee alone. Another five are in neighboring Mississippi.

• In Texas, UAW members make trucks at the GM plant in Arlington and aerospace parts with Lockheed, Raytheon and Voight.”

• In Alabama, members make aircraft parts and automotive parts in 11 separate locals.

• In Florida, over 35 UAW locals represent members making aircraft parts, auto parts for Chrysler, and even Jai Alai dealers.

• In Virginia, UAW members make Volvo Trucks, make auto supplies and even package peanuts in 14 Local Unions.

• In Georgia, UAW members make auto and truck parts in 21 local unions.