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We all know there’s a presidential race going on. Many of us know congressional races are happening. But all too often voters stop and drop off from voting down-ballot. Yet many of these down-ballot races impact your life every day.

The down-ballot choices you make for offices like the state legislature, city council, county commission, state supreme court, board of education, sheriff’s department and district courts determine kitchen table policies that have the most impact on your daily life.

Officeholders in these positions make decisions about state tax policies, how schools are funded, Medicaid expansion, women’s reproductive health rules, law enforcement policies of police departments and county jails, court policies, local millage funding for schools, parks, libraries and transportation, and much more.

Many of the down-ballot races are non-partisan. But UAW members in CAP councils across the country still hear from the candidates and make endorsements based on which candidates will best support working people. You can see who the UAW has endorsed in non-partisan races by visiting and searching for your state before you cast your ballot.

Because these races are not partisan, if you just vote straight ticket and don’t move to the bottom of the ballot where the non-partisan races are your voice will not be heard on critical issues facing your community.

Whether voting early or at the polls Nov. 8 be sure to vote in all the races. Filling out your whole ballot could make the difference. Remember: If you are in a state where you can vote straight ticket that doesn’t ensure you’ve voted the entire ballot. If you are in a state that has down-ticket, non-partisan races print out or bring your CAP Council’s sample ballot. Go here to find a complete list of UAW-endorsed candidates by state, from president of the United States through the non-partisan, down-ballot races.

Don’t stop and don’t drop at the partisan section of your ballot Nov. 8.

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