Detroit Free Press: UAW plant leader’s emotional day: Pleas to management and dread from the line


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Trent DeSenglau, the son of two factory workers, struggled to select his words as he fought back tears.

“I’m sorry,” he said over the phone early Monday from his home in Chesterfield. “I’m on quarantine. Everybody is scared for people they work with, their friends, their families. People are getting sick in my plant.”

It’s a scene playing out at manufacturing plants around the country, especially so in places like Michigan, where in just over two weeks, positive tests for coronavirus have gone from single digits to four figures in the general population. Many people, including white-collar auto industry workers, have been dispatched to do their jobs from the safety of home. But then there are the manufacturing plants, where workers toil over the assembly of cars and their parts, often in tight spaces near others, in places where the now-pervasive six-foot-rule can hardly be observed.

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