Detroit area UAW local stands by Flint residents, continues bottled water donations that began in 2014


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Members of UAW Local 228 donated a semi-truck filled with bottled water to residents of Flint, continuing their donation program that began when the water crisis began in Flint four years ago. Many Flint residents still struggle with water issues as the state works to complete pipe replacement while ending its bottled water distribution program.

Reaching out with care to give back to communities that need help is nothing new for Local 228 members, said Local 228 President Paul Torrente. Members held a bottled water collection and donation when the water crisis began in Flint four years ago. That’s when local members stepped up with individual donations of water leading to a local-wide effort for Flint.

“I’ve been in leadership a long time and years ago I heard we not only build cars, we build communities,” said Torrente. “We have the opportunity to help people in need. We are blessed with awesome standing committees at Local 228 that take on these projects. They are willing to help people in the community,” he said.

The UAW has a long history of giving back to communities and showing solidarity with community members and assistance organizations through partnering and philanthropy. A bottled water donation to Flint residents, again, from Local 228 is a great example of UAW caring.


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