Call Congress at 888-926-0045, demand action in Flint


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Call Congress at 888-926-0045 to tell them to take action in Flint now!

In Flint, Michigan and throughout the nation, there has been justifiable outrage over the decisions made by state elected and appointed officials in the handling of the water crisis.

Because officials put cost savings ahead of the health of Flint residents, thousands have been poisoned, and several deaths are suspected due to extended and excessive exposure to contaminated toxic water. But, the full impact will not be known for decades, and the effects will plague the children of Flint for generations to come.

Now, it’s time for Congress to act. Call Congress at 888-926-0045 and tell them that:

Congress must declare Flint a major disaster so that FEMA can respond quickly and disperse much-needed federal aid just as it has in the case of previous disasters.

Congress must also pass a comprehensive package to help the victims and fix the infrastructure so residents have safe water.

It’s time to make our voices heard on behalf of the many UAW members and families that have been affected by this crisis.

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