Call to Action: Support Striking Blue Cross Blue Shield Workers


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Dear UAW Brothers, Sisters, and Supporters: 

UAW Locals 1781, 2145, 2256, and 2500, along with Regions 1, 1A, and 1D are reaching out to you because we are facing significant challenges in negotiating a fair contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. BCBSM has refused to accept our demands and is outsourcing our work to third parties. This endangers our livelihoods and collective bargaining strength. We urge all supporters to contact BCBSM via the list below.

Request to speak with a UAW Customer Service Representative immediately. Protest to the company for outsourcing our work, their unfair wages, and refusing to provide all UAW employees with retiree healthcare. Blue Cross is the largest health insurer in Michigan.

Please show Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan that you support UAW employees by calling as many phone numbers as you can. By standing together, we can change the world. Unity and perseverance make us strong and will send a strong message.

Thank you for your unwavering support in this critical moment. By standing together, we can ensure our voices are heard and that our struggle for a fair contract is not in vain.


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