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You get what you fight for. And UAW members are ready for the fight ahead at the Big Three.

On Thursday, we held our Strike Assistance Conference in Detroit. More than 300 leaders from locals representing workers all across the UAW gathered at the MGM Grand to nail down details of our strike preparations.

The conference was organized by the UAW Strike Department under the direction of the Secretary-Treasurer’s office. As Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Mock said during her speech, “We will stand by your side during strikes, providing unwavering support.”

“We’re ready to fight,” Mock said, “and we’ll do whatever it is we have to do in order to get what we deserve.”

Mock was followed by UAW President Shawn Fain, who made clear that the era of concessions at the UAW must end. Even now, as the Big Three make record profits, they’re saying we should temper our demands, that we should work together with them.

“They want to talk about working together,” Fain said. “Let’s talk to the people here right now from Belvidere Assembly Plant about what working together has done for them. Let’s talk to workers at Lordstown Assembly, let’s talk to workers at GM Powertrain in Warren. Let’s talk to workers at Ford’s Romeo Engine Plant. Let’s talk to workers at Trenton Engine North, Toledo Machine. The list goes on.”

Fain noted that the Big Three have shut down or spun off 65 plants over the last 20 years. To end those plant closings, to win more good jobs, we must have the power to mount a strong and effective strike. And that’s what the conference was all about.

The conference included detailed presentations on how Locals can assist members during strikes. And it included a Q & A at the end where the assembled leaders were able to get answers that addressed the unique challenges at their locals. As President Fain said, the officers at the conference will return to their locals “ready to rumble.”

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