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Did you know you can connect with the UAW on social media sites like Facebook? Well, now, with just a click on your desktop or smartphone, you can connect with your union through one of social media’s most popular platforms.

Why become a fan of the UAW on Facebook?

You can see all the latest videos of members telling their stories and local unions sharing tips about how to build a stronger union. For instance, check out this video from UAW Local 788. In it, a member talks about that local union’s experience building a social media presence to reach out to members of their local:

The UAW’s Facebook page also allows you to keep up to date on important information happening around our union and in the labor movement more broadly. For instance, we recently featured this article about how a whistleblower at a Hyundai supplier in Alabama was fired for bringing health and safety concerns to the attention of the company. Luckily, the Department of Labor has called for her reinstatement with back pay.

In addition, you can find stories and content marking important historical events from UAW and labor history. For instance, check out this story that appeared on our Facebook page marking the anniversary of the Ford Hunger Strike:

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Finally, one of the best reasons to become a fan of the UAW is on social media is to connect with your brothers and sisters from across the country. Almost 80,000 people are already fans of the UAW’s page, and they’re waiting to hear from you. So visit us today and share your experiences, stories and opinions with the UAW and members from across the country by becoming a fan, and then commenting on, liking and sharing content from the page.

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