$700 million investment in Kentucky Truck Plant Secures More UAW Jobs to build the F-Series Super Duty Truck


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Today Ford announced the investment of $700 million and a commitment to create 500 additional jobs in Kentucky.

“UAW Local 862 members are proud to be a part of the F-Series Super Duty’s success both today and tomorrow,” says UAW President Ray Curry.  “We celebrate this $700 million investment into Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant as it shows that UAW members continue to play an important role in Ford’s future.”

“This investment recognizes that UAW members bring quality, skills and experience to their jobs every day and that Ford counts on them to build their future business,” adds UAW Vice President and Director of the Ford Department Chuck Browning.  “Our members put Kentucky on the map when it comes to auto manufacturing and that imprint will only grow larger.”

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