5 Jobs You Might Not Have Known UAW Members Do


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Our union is made up of people doing many different jobs. We represent members in auto manufacturing, parts suppliers, agriculture implement manufacturers, casinos, state employers and many more. Here are 5 jobs you might not have known UAW members do:

  1. UAW Members Make Beer. Members at Local 9 in Region 4 at Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin make MillerCoors beer.
  2. UAW Members are Zookeepers. Members at Local 2256 in Region 1D care for animals at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan.
  3. UAW Members Work in Bookstores: The Strand Bookstore in New York City is an iconic 85-year-old bookseller and the workers are represented through Local 2179 in Region 9A.
  4. UAW Members are Firefighters. Members at Local 174 in Region 1A are firefighters in Woodhaven, Michigan.
  5. UAW Members are Lawyers: Members at Local 2320 in Region 9A provide free legal services to clients who need their services in Boston, MA.


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