UAW, FCA US Open 2015 Contract Talks

DETROIT—  With a handshake UAW President Dennis Williams, FCA US CEO Sergio Marchionne and UAW negotiating committee members, officially began 2015 contract negotiations Tuesday afternoon.

UAW and FCA US negotiating teams will begin contract talks. The current four-year labor agreement expires on Sept. 14 at midnight.  

UAW President Dennis Williams noted the importance of bridging the gap for entry level and legacy employees after the long journey FCA’s working men and women went through to help bring FCA back from financial hardship.

“Sales at FCA are up and there are bright days ahead for FCA. For that, UAW members are proud,” said Williams. Today’s handshake is a signal that UAW members remember the sacrifices they made to achieve prosperity for FCA and, now, they know it’s our time. It’s time to look forward to the future.” – UAW President Dennis Williams

UAW Vice President for FCA US Norwood Jewell said the stakes are high with this round of talks since FCA US has come such a long way since the dark days of the auto crisis. “We know the decisions we make at these talks will affect American families and the nation’s manufacturing health for years to come,” said Jewell. “Our communities and our nation’s economy are counting on us, along with FCA, for leadership. UAW members worked hard for this day. It’s time to bridge the gap for all working people to a shared prosperity.”

Collaboration between the UAW and FCA US, through collective bargaining, has greatly benefited working families and FCA US in recent years. Since the last round of talks, the company has added approximately 10,000 jobs and last year posted a profit in North America of $3.5 billion.