The 2020 UAW LUCA Excellence in Communications Contests results are in!


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Last week the 2020 UAW LUCA Excellence in Communications Contests Awards Show took place. The list of winners and judges’ comments are available here.

Founded in 1978, UAW-LUCA helps UAW local unions produce top-quality, effective communications. UAW-LUCA provides information, training and communications materials for the union’s locals across the U.S., as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico, through a members-only cloud sharing, called the LUCA Cloud where materials can be downloaded and posted. Member locals can also get free training and assistance in setting up a free website through the UAW’s SolidWeb program.

Through LUCA, members can share information about issues and events, exchange communication ideas and tips, and learn from their peers. UAW-LUCA also conducts regular conferences for local communicators and holds the annual Excellence in Communications contests. The UAW-LUCA Excellence in Communications Contests recognize UAW local unions that have achieved outstanding labor communications. Our contests also recognize and applaud the hard work of local union members who contribute to our local union publications, websites, social media and other communications to our members.

LUCA membership is free to all UAW local unions. Register your local for LUCA membership here.

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