10 Years After the Taxpayer-Funded Auto Rescue, UAW Members Urge GM to Invest in Workers and Taxpayers NOT Wall Street


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On the heels of GM’s announcement last November that it was closing four plants and eliminating the jobs of 14,000 American workers, UAW members released a video, today telling the story of how UAW workers and U.S. taxpayers came to the rescue of the company in 2008. For UAW members their commitment to the company during those dark days explains why they insist GM must invest in U.S. not Wall Street.

UAW President Gary Jones said in November, “We have been clear that the UAW will leave no stone unturned and will use any and all resources available to us regarding the future of these plants.” Today, the UAW honors that commitment by telling the full story about a company putting massive Wall Street giveaways ahead of the workers and taxpayers that saved GM.

“GM’s decision is a slap in the face to the U.S. auto worker. It’s a statement that their trust, loyalty and years of dedication aren’t as important as this year’s profits and Wall Street shareholder gains — and that those sacrifices made during the dark days of GM’s bailout are long forgotten,” Jones said.

“GM now has a choice, it can invest in America, or it can turn its back on American workers and American families,” Jones said.

The video release by the UAW and UAW members comes shortly after the UAW filed a lawsuit against GM for breach of the labor contract and just weeks after more than 4,000 letters were delivered to GM headquarters calling on the company to do the right thing for American workers, not Wall Street.

See the full video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/kz5NHhPZeS4

For more information on the UAW’s #GMinvestInUS effort, head to https://uaw.org/gminvestinus/

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