10 Jobs You Didn’t Know Were Performed by UAW Members

Everybody knows that UAW members build cars, but here are 10 things we bet you didn’t know that UAW members do!

1. UAW members help people build their credit

UAW members from Region 1 are Financial Advisers at Financial Fitness Centre in Windsor, Ontario in Canada.

2. We drive your kids back and forth from school

UAW members are Bus Drivers at Christina School District in Region 8.

3. We help keep people safe

UAW members are Sheriffs at Lucas County Sheriffs Department in Region 2B.

4. And we help keep people healthy, too

Hospital professionals at Sparrow Hospital in Region 1D are members of the UAW.

5. We make sure you’ve got a union-made cold one on the weekends

UAW members are busy brewing beer for Miller-Coors in Milwaukee, WI in Region 4.

6. And that you’ve got something good to read

UAW members are Booksellers at the Strand Book store in New York City in Region 9A.

7. We keep the oldest copper manufacturer in America working

UAW members are also Copper Manufacturers at Revere Copper Products in Region 9.

8. We’re also working on the railroad

UAW members work on Train Railcars at Ebenezer Railcar Service in Region 9.

9. UAW members are putting out fires

UAW members are firefighters at the Woodhaven Fire Department in Region 1A.

10. And, finally, we’re keeping American industry moving by making sure parts arrive just in time!

UAW members are parts suppliers for Android in Arlington, TX in Region 5.


But that’s not all. Check out all the different things UAW members do by watching our “We are the UAW” playlist on YouTube.