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Public-sector union members:
Buy UAW vehicles if you want support

How serious are Ohio’s firefighters, police officers, teachers and others are who want to repeal Senate Bill 5 in November? I wonder about this because of how many foreign, nonunion-made vehicles were in the parking lot at the Rally to Save Ohio’s Middle Class in Columbus.

Anyone who supports collective bargaining via protest while sending profits to foreign companies that bust unions on our soil is hypocritical at best – especially when the second-largest purchase Americans make outside of their home is their automobile.

The Asian automakers introduced the two-tiered wage system that is currently hacking away at UAW members’ pay and benefits. It’s not hard to find facts on the Internet about the way foreign automakers avoid UAW shops here. To add insult to injury, U.S. taxpayers have subsidized more than $3.5 billion in construction of foreign-owned assembly plants as they continue the assault on collective bargaining and the middle class in general.

How can anyone ask other union members to support their cause yet blatantly show disregard for other union members with the same basic causes?

You can try to be part of the collective-bargaining rights solution, but continued support of companies that circumvent collective bargaining is part of the problem.

Barbara Toncheff
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Editor’s note: Toncheff hosts the “Buy American Radio Show” on the Working Family Radio Network. Visit for the link. Her husband, Nicholas Toncheff, is an electrician and IBEW 1377 member; her father-in-law, also Nicholas Toncheff, is a UAW Local 1250 retiree out of Ford Motor Co.’s Cleveland Engine plant.

Social Security isn’t a ‘Ponzi scheme’

No, Rick Perry (Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate), Social Security is not a “Ponzi scheme.”

A Ponzi scheme is where someone puts up a lot of money and gets nothing in return.

I know better, and so did my parents, two brothers and sister. They drew their monthly Social Security investment until the Lord called them all home.

Will you turn down Social Security when you become eligible, governor? Will you not use Medicare as your primary health care?

Social Security has been very good to industrial workers in America, including UAW members. But if Social Security is a scheme, then please keep sending us our checks every month when – and if – you’re ever elected president.

Don Corn
UAW Local 737 retiree
Nashville, Tenn.

Facebook quotes from the International’s wall:

Ford, Chrysler, GM sales up; Toyota, Honda down

All three Detroit automakers increased U.S. sales in September, defying the prevailing malaise in the economy. Foreign automakers, such as Nissan Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG, also grew sales in September. Toyota Motor Corp., meanwhile, reported U.S. sales of 121,451 vehicles -- a 17.5% decline from ...

Comments from Margaret Daley Lozano


Comments from Angelique Beckley

Way to go Big 3!

Comments from Ralph Lyke

We can be grateful for the recent success of the Big Three, in large part by the work of our active members and retirees, except that there is no need to bring in the misfortunes of Toyota and Honda. Therein lies future UAW workers. In solidarity ...

Comments from Shana DeWolf

That’s excellent news!

House Republicans Seek Cuts in Pell Grants, Public Radio

Sept. 29 (Bloomberg) -- House Republicans announced plans to cut funding for Pell college tuition grants, NPR and other Democratic priorities, setting up another ...

Comments from Jim Emerick

These Republicans are the weapons of mass destruction!

Comments from Theodore Nowak

I have been a member of the UAW for 34 years prior to my retirement May 1, 2000. Thank you very much for all you have down for the worker. I support you 100% in every way. You are the best for our country’s poorest people and all the workers. Only that many people still think the union is wrong. They do not understand that if it was not for the unions, there would not be a middle class of which the Tea Party Republicans keep on trying to destroy ... Thank you again, UAW.

Obama to Congress: Return my jobs bill, passed - BusinessWeek

Capping a campaign trip for his economic plan and his re-election, President Barack Obama on Tuesday tried to keep pressure on Congress to consider his nearly $450 billion jobs bill, saying it had been two weeks since he sent the bill to Capitol Hill “and now I want it back.”

Comments from Andy Linko

I have been waiting since the GOP took over the House for a GOP jobs plan. Since 2000, their plan has been to disinvest in the United States, invest in China and India. The tax cuts of 2002 created how many jobs? The job creators have been getting a free ride since 2002, so where are the jobs?

Unions Join Wall Street ‘Occupiers’

The cavalry has arrived in Lower Manhattan. Representatives from no fewer than 15 of the country’s largest labor unions will join the Occupy Wall Street protesters for a mass rally and march today in New York City. The AFL-CIO, United Auto Workers, and Transit Workers’ Union are among the groups ...

Comments from Brenda Kay Roden

Excited about the Occupy Wall Street movement...change will come from the grassroots . . . it’s time more of us take part in democracy and let our voices be heard!


Comments from Scott Shafer

Power to the middle-class people!