Latest Solidarity Issue

Actions and Initiatives:


UAW active and retired members aren’t the kind of people who sit on the sidelines: We get involved in issues, help out our neighbors and try to be where there is a need.

And today there definitely is need for members to place greater emphasis on winning social and economic justice. There is strength in numbers and we begin to win that justice when we all stand together.

How can you help? The UAW has launched a new member mobilization activism program called "GimmeFIVE." It is designed to recruit and engage members to organize, build power and win justice. Read more ...


Health Care

The new health care reform law that President Obama signed is complex and will take time to become fully implemented. There are specific changes for seniors.

Here's a timeline by Congressional Quarterly for when certain segments of the law are to take place:

 Big Changes Taking Effect in 2010

  • By the end of June, a temporary national high-risk pool will provide coverage to adults with pre-existing conditions.

• Also by the end of June, a temporary reinsurance program will assist employers in providing coverage to retirees over age 55 who aren’t eligible for Medicare.

• By the end of September, covered dependents must be allowed to stay on health policies until age 26.

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