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NBC News: Tell the full story about Delphi


Fight back against slanted and incomplete report


Over the weekend, NBC News aired a very slanted and incomplete report about Delphi retirees. Reporters Talesha Reynolds and Lisa Myers took the time to talk in detail with Delphi salaried retirees -- whom we agree received a raw deal in the bankruptcy proceedings. But they never bothered to tell the other part of the story: That Mitt Romney and his wife profited by anywhere from $15 million to $115 million from the bankruptcy of the General Motors parts supplier.

NBC News never explained how Romney and other billionaire investors swooped down like vultures on Delphi, bought shares on the cheap, and then threatened to hold up parts while GM was on life-support.

You can help: Tweet back at NBC News, go to its Facebook page and tell them to tell the full story!

FRIENDS, PLEASE TELL @nbc @NBCNews @LisaMyers @TaleshaNow to tell the whole story about #Delphi, #MittRomney, #bailout #UAW. PLEASE SHARE!